• What Does the Bible Say About Lying?
    I have been talking to two brothers over the past six months about someone we know who tends to tell lies at will. Let’s understand this carefully … everyone, sadly, […]
  • What Does the Bible Say About Panic?
    Today was one of those days … I preached and recorded my service/sermon for tomorrow. I was all done by 2.20pm. Then, we prepared lunch and decided to sit in […]
  • The Answer to Disappointment, Anxiety and Stress
    How often do you struggle with disappointment? And when you do, do you become angry, sad or depressed? To be honest, we all struggle with this emotion. Yesterday, I told […]
  • Why Prayer is Better than Fibre-Optic Cables
    After many months of waiting, the end is in sight. We put in an order for a fibre line from the pavement to our dining room (since the dining room […]
  • Is the Armageddon Here?
    One person commented on the third story below asking: “Is the Armageddon here in South Africa?” The first story is: On Monday morning, a couple were attacked at the home […]

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