• Christian Heritage
    This morning I went into a Quick Spar shop near us to buy some braai wood. We were having two friends over for fellowship and a braai because today is […]
  • Disappointment
    About 14 years ago, Jenny purchased a set of four all-weather lights for our garden. We never used them, and a few days ago she found the box in the […]
  • Made Clean
    I have a very old copier/printer that has served me well for at least 14 to 15 years. I was given this machine as a secondhand one. It is strong […]
  • The Judge
    The previous president of South Africa has always said he wanted his day in court. This stems from various allegations and suggestions–even from the courts–that he has been corrupt in […]
  • Riches
    Dominic-Madori Davis of the Business Insider (USA) writes about the 15 richest people in Africa who have a combined net worth of more than R1.1 trillion. They have made their […]

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