• The Eye of a Needle
    We were chatting to family and friends this afternoon on a zoon call. The family is in the USA and the friends are in the UK. It’s always great to […]
  • Power
    I am sure you are aware that, when possible, Friday is my gardening day. After a long time cutting the edges with the “skaap sker” (sheep shears), I asked my […]
  • The Great Race
    Most of us have run races in our time, be it at school or be it belonging to a club. On our travels yesterday, we passed a school preparing for […]
  • On Tolls
    We travelled through to Benoni today for the Wednesday Morning Bible Study at 9.30am. Jenny and I reflected afterwards and agreed we had a most enjoyable time with those present. […]
  • Inheritance
    A good friend of mine has just been through revising his will due to his wife’s death. They had a type of joint will because of their assets and them […]
  • On Circumcision
    When God instructed Abraham to circumcise his household, what was the significance? Is it moral or is it, as some say, the cruelest cut? We must not be mistaken about […]
  • Hypocrisy and Superstition
    You have heard the terms hypocrisy and superstition. Both these concepts are often found in religion, especially that which is found in the Bible. Take this passage: Mt 23:1 Then […]

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