• Sinful Selection
    Revival times come in many ways with one common ingredient. That ingredient is the conviction of sin. Believers are so convicted that they mourn for holiness. Unbelievers are convicted leading […]
  • God’s Word to Who?
    This month, 57 years ago Jenny and I met and soon started going out. After about three years we broke up for some reason that was my fault. After about […]
  • God’s Way
    O the absolute joy of knowing one’s prayers reach their intended destination. This was Jonah, as his life ebbed, he remembered the Lord (v7), for his eternal salvation came from […]
  • Salvation Comes From the Lord
    If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, have you ever thought through what you have been saved from? We speak much of heaven and the picture painted […]
  • Thanksgiving
    Today is July 4 … and every year on this day, the citizens of the United States of America celebrate their independence. Generally many will wave their USA flags and […]
  • I Remembered You, Lord
    In my mind there are two types of experience. The one is what happens to me as a human being and the other one is a religious or spiritual experience. […]
  • The Hand of God to Save
    In a crisis many people turn to God, although for years they have not prayed or been to Church or read the Bible. There are many true Christians who also […]

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  • Youth Day 2021
    Today is Youth Day 2021. Our youth in our country are very important to all of us as a nation. They will be taking over the leadership in every sphere of our country soon. Maybe some have already done this on a smaller scale, but eventually this will be so in its entirety. I am […]