• Into Passion Week (Part 4)
    The abuse of people arrested carries uncomfortable memories of what happened during Apartheid Polices’ use of the wet blanket / electric shock treatment … and if the allegations are true, […]
  • Into Passion Week (Part 3)
    I have not studied law. I am not an attorney nor am I a court judge … but having glimpses of our past president wanting “his day in court” and […]
  • Into Passion Week (Part 2)
    A number of great Evangelicals from the early Reformation Days, into the Puritan Days and when George Whitefield ministered, would sing hymns and pray after a meal. I wonder whether […]
  • Into Passion Week (Part 1)
    As we enter into the “passion week” with tomorrow being “Palm Sunday”, I thought we ought to look at a few Scriptures leading up to, and including Jesus’ brutal death […]
  • The Beatitudes (Part 12)
    The intention of Jesus as He preaches the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 5 to 7, is to hit hard. No one then and no one today can […]
  • The Beatitudes (Part 11)
    Many people are persecuted for a host of different reasons. It has been like this since man was banished from the Garden and it continues today. In 2020 the “World […]
  • The Beatitudes (Part 10)
    Like it or not, Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk were peacemakers. Certainly they had negotiators assisting them, but as opposing leaders they saw beyond themselves and their political groupings […]

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