• Beatitudes in Revelation, Part 6
    When one loves the Bible and its message and over the years of reading it cover to cover you start to grasp the Bible’s Message … in that there is […]
  • Beatitudes in Revelation, Part 5
    The Seven Beatitudes in the Book of Revelation, taken in context (perhaps more than I have done so far), literally provides a snap synopsis of the Book. The opening of […]
  • Beatitudes in Revelation, Part 4
    When doing my matric, I chose Biblical Studies as part of the six subject choice. Literally it was a survey of the complete Bible, Book by Book. It was here […]
  • Beatitudes in Revelation, Part 3
    The blessings arising from the Beatitudes in Revelation might be shaped very differently to those in Matthew 5, but the concept of “blessing” remains the same … especially in the […]
  • Beatitudes in Revelation, Part 2
    As we arrive at Revelation 14 we are aware that chapter 13 ended with: Rev 13:18 This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of […]
  • Beatitudes in Revelation, Part 1
    We are familiar with the beatitudes in Matthew 5 from verse 3 to verse 10 and perhaps even include verses 11-12. These form part of the Sermon on the Mount […]
  • Bathsheba
    It’s easy to think that because one is a Christian that we are better than others. People in the world might be like this but we who love Jesus cannot […]

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