• Born Again, Blameless, Holy, Like Jesus
    Is the Christian life a matter of personal choices, or does God set the pathway for us to follow? Too often we find that people subscribing to the Christian faith […]
  • Crucified on a Tree
    Maybe when you started reading my Notes three days back you were thinking, “what on earth is he doing writing about trees?” Well, we saw Adam and Eve hiding amongst […]
  • Under a Fig Tree
    In considering four instances where trees are mentioned and the reason for this in the Bible, we saw Adam and Eve hiding amongst the trees in the garden and Zacchaeus […]
  • Up in a Tree
    We started looking at a few trees mentioned in the Bible yesterday. The first one was a tree to hide behind. Here we saw Adam and Eve hiding amongst the […]
  • A Tree to Hide Behind
    You may know that Jenny and I love the “Bush”. Apart from the mountains, animals, birds, insects, wild flowers and open fields, there are trees and shrubs and often long […]
  • Turning to Jesus (Part 2)
    Yesterday we started a two-part Daily Note to assist us as God’s people to prove our conversion true. We have considered three steps to help us pursue the Gospel life […]
  • Turning to Jesus (Part 1)
    Many turn to Jesus for a variety of reasons. Some are genuine and intentional about a lifelong commitment, however there are those who struggle through their “Christian life and commitment” […]

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