• Christian Revival (Part 12)
    We have a few old coins that might or might not be worth anything. The Brazil, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Botswana coins we know are worthless. The British, German, Canada […]
  • Christian Revival (Part 11)
    Sometimes there is repentance, confession and real commitment followed by earnest prayer and enquiring of God and things don’t turn out the way you expect or perhaps answers are only […]
  • Christian Revival (Part 10)
    I have told this story before but need to tell it again briefly. We started going to church when our eldest son was getting ready to go to school. I […]
  • Christian Revival (Part 9)
    There is something about revivals that we ought to know. They never last. They are temporal. God sends them and then withdraws them. He knows exactly why He does this. […]
  • Christian Revival (Part 8)
    Yesterday I started the Daily Note on Revival speaking about what could go wrong. Today I want to mention some positive effects that Revival brings. Professor David Dickson wrote the […]
  • Christian Revival (Part 7)
    Not everything was good about spiritual revivals. There is a story coming out of the Welsh Revival about Humphrey Jones. “He was part of the Wesleyan Methodists. He had immigrated […]
  • Christian Revival (Part 6)
    If you have had the opportunity of reading the article on “prayer before revival” from the C.S. Lewis Institute, “Revival Born in a Prayer Meeting”, you will have noticed that […]

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