• Dare to Be a Daniel (Part 14)
    I am certain you have heard of the Messianic Promise referring to the One that will be seated on the Eternal Throne, presiding and reigning over the Kingdom of God. […]
  • Dare to Be a Daniel (Part 13)
    To king Nebuchadnezzar, being told his dream without interpretation was useless … very much like a well prepared sermon without an application. The dream’s interpretation is all about what will […]
  • Dare to Be a Daniel (Part 12)
    When John wrote the Revelation under inspiration, he used a style of writing common in apocalyptic material. Some say his writing was “John’s Hidden Book” because few people could understand […]
  • Dare to Be a Daniel (Part 11)
    We have said before that like the Book of Revelation and some other Old Testament Books, Daniel is apocalyptic in nature. It deals with the future in the sense of […]
  • Dare to Be a Daniel (Part 10)
    Today we will return to Daniel’s prayer: Da 2:23 “I thank and praise you, O God of my fathers: You have given me wisdom and power, you have made known […]
  • Dare to Be a Daniel (Part 9)
    Prayer is not easy. Some might think it is but in reality prayer is hard work because it is demanding. There is an interesting passage filled with challenge found in […]
  • Dare to Be a Daniel (Part 8)
    I want you to think of two people engaging each other through the legal system. It might be that they are married and divorcing, it might be theft or direct […]

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