• Conviction, Confession, Conversion
    In life we have various requirements when applying for a position in the working environment. This is true with many other areas of life. Say you were applying for a […]
  • Marks
    Often people belonging to a gang, be it in society or in prison, have at least one tattoo identifying themselves with the gang where they have membership. So in certain […]
  • Barrier Wall of Sin
    As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ we have one of the greatest blessings after salvation. This blessing is the gateway to the ear of God for an audience. We […]
  • Past, Present, Future
    As a child, we as a family went on one holiday. I was 4 years old when dad took mom, my sister and myself from Cape Town to Florida, Johannesburg […]
  • Christian Relationships
    Relationships are always challenging because at some stage or the other something goes wrong … and the reason is that when you put two or more sinners together there will […]
  • Fishing
    Those who grew up during the “Depression” (August 1929 to March 1933) and lived through the Second World War (1 September 1939 to 2 September 1945) knew what survival was […]
  • The Name Christian
    I was quite interested in two articles today that have a serious note as well as a humorous touch. The first one relates to Springbok and Lions rugby star, Elton […]

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