• Assurance of Salvation
    Many years ago, we planted a church in a township outside of the city of Bloemfontein, known as Bloumanda. Bloemfontein was popularly and poetically known as “the city of roses” […]
  • Healing
    Today I was chatting with a woman whose mother has been hospitalized and is on oxygen due to COVID-19. If I understand it correctly, this mother has been ill for […]
  • The Work Party
    Today was the first time in over a year that I participated in a work party at a church. As you are aware, a church is no different to a […]
  • Precious in God’s Sight
    I met some dear people today to arrange a funeral. The wife, daughter and her fiancé and aunt are in shock and pain because the death was extremely sudden. I […]
  • Prepared for Death
    When you hear of deaths, often the news comes flooding. Three high-ranking officials died in two weeks. On January 6th the BaPedi king Thulare Victor Thulare III died. Yesterday, January […]
  • Inauguration
    Today is a great day for the United States because Joe Biden has been installed as president … but the greatness of the day is shadowed by the Coronavirus pandemic, […]
  • Holiness
    Does holiness and the need for holiness ever bug you? Many surrender to Jesus as Saviour, but the last thing they want to do is to surrender to the Lordship […]

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