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What is Your Attitude Like?

Today was an early start for us. We got up at 5.30am to get to the UIF office. We parked at a parking lot across the road from the UIF Office by 6.50am. We were about 21st in the queue. At 7.50am, the security opened the “garage gates” and started handing out papers to be completed and signed. Eventually, a UIF employee appeared. I spoke to him about an SMS I had received from them saying I must visit their office. He said: “Keep a meter away”. I understand that, although I thought it strange as we both had face masks on. He then said: “The office is closed. It’s lockdown. Fill in the paper and put it in the box.” Although this did not solve Jenny’s query, I found out what I needed to do (plus that the UIF office is closed which is why I can’t get through to them by phone nor receive responses to emails).

However, we had a lovely experience at the parking lot. The lady there was extremely friendly and helpful. She asked why we returned so quickly, which led to a very nice, friendly conversation. The treatment I received from the security and the employee at the UIF Department was all but friendly. They are there to serve the public, after all, and as taxpayers and those who have contributed to UIF for so many years, we literally pay their wages. They were blunt, terse, somber and abrupt whereas the lady at the parking garage, although doing us a service, was so sociable, friendly, good natured, pleasant, likeable … in fact, charming! Those at the UIF needed to be at work. They were not happy to be there and to be of service. Yet the lady at the Parking Lot was happy and happy to be at work. She actually said she is there to service us and help us. Very impressive.

The one group do their work because they have to. They are on full salary with benefits (they are employed by the government). Although they have so much, they seem to be rather miserable. On the other hand, the lady at the parking lot works because she needs to work. She willingly works. It’s unlikely that she earns a ‘good’ wage, but she has employment and is happy about that and seeks to make her clients happy too.

Here we find two attitudes. The one attitude the Bible speaks for the other the Bible speaks against! One is thankful and the other thankless. The one is entitled and the other grateful.

Listen to Paul as he writes to the Church at Colossae:

Col 2:6 So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, 7 rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

The Holy Spirit is saying through Paul that on the same basis you received Jesus in salvation–with joy, expectancy, eager and enthusiasm–you must continue your walk in Jesus with the same joy, expectancy, eagerness, and enthusiasm! It is then that you shall be rooted in the faith (Jesus); built up in the faith; strengthened in the faith with one emotion and attitude flowing from your being and person … thankfulness.

We find right here that thankfulness in life arises out of knowing Jesus as Lord (being delivered from the clutches of Satan and the consequences of sin) and growing in Jesus as King (the continual relational development and maturity in the Word through Prayerfulness). Such a person will carry a happy, joyful, thankful disposition around with them most of the time.

Once again, we have the opportunity of examining our hearts with special focus on “attitude”. What am I like when alone, when with the Lord and when with other people? What do they see and experience when they are with me? Do they see me as blunt, terse, somber and abrupt … or do they see me as sociable, friendly, good natured, pleasant and likeable? The later will arise out of knowing and growing in Jesus as Lord and King, the former will arise because of sin. An American newspaper ran an article with the following heading: “Why are we so unthankful when we have so much?” As Christians, why are we so unthankful when we have so much, having Jesus, salvation, heaven, each other, the Word, prayer and the Holy Spirit? Because we have so much, we should be thankful!

Lord Jesus, forgive me for being unlikeable and bad natured. Please help me to be loving, kind, gentle and thankful. Thank You for letting me know Jesus, who pours abundant blessings on everyone who belongs to Him. Amen.

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