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Lord of All

We are looking at the “Identity of the Lord Jesus Christ”, based on Hebrews chapter 1:2-3. You have heard of the Seven Wonders of the World. Actually there are not just seven … that is, it all depends on who … or which era you consider.

As an example … in the “Ancient World” the Seven Wonders were:

  1. The Great Pyramid of Giza,
  2. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon,
  3. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia,
  4. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus,
  5. The Mausoleum of Maussallo,
  6. The Collossus of Rhodes and
  7. The Lighthouse at Alexandria.

In the “Medieval World”, it would be:

  1. The Stonehenge in Britain,
  2. The Collosseum,
  3. The Catacombs,
  4. The Great Wall of China,
  5. The Porcelain Tower of Nanjing,
  6. The Hagia Sophia and
  7. The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

In the “Natural World” it would be:

  1. The Grand Canyon,
  2. The Great Barrier Reef,
  3. The Harbour of Rio de Janeiro,
  4. Mount Everest,
  5. The Aurora (Arctic – colour),
  6. The Paxicutin Volcano and
  7. The Victoria Falls.

You might also consider The Seven Wonders of the Underwater World or those of the Industrial World. The author to the Hebrews refers to the Seven Wonders of Jesus in chapter 1:2b-3. What this Biblical writer is doing is to show Jesus’ complete superiority over any opposition and over any religious system by telling us that Jesus is God’s appointed heir of everything there is. Although this writer is going to get there …. He wants us to grasp and understand that Jesus is Lord God Almighty … and what we believe and understand about Jesus will affect and influence our life on this earth and our existence in eternity.

So, the First Wonder is … “whom he appointed heir of all things” (1:2b). Here he is referring to the Lordship of our Lord Jesus. The term “heir” might be misleading as to our understanding of the Lord Jesus. The reason I say this is because the concept of ‘heir’ applies when someone dies. You leave a will and in that will you appoint an heir or heirs who will inherit your estate. Only once you die that person … that heir inherits. That person is your heir. But the term used in Hebrews does not imply the Father dies and the Son inherits. It does not mean that the Son is heir now that the Father is dead! The Father like the Son is eternal … from everlasting to everlasting. He does not and cannot die!

Look at the Book of Genesis (Gen 1:26-28). Man failed to rule … He sinned. In place of ruling the planet for God, he wanted to be like God and the result was him being banished from the Garden of Eden … banished from the place of reign and dominion and power (Gen 3:22-24). In the First Testament (or First Covenant), it speaks of a Messiah who would come and restore lost man to God … restore the banished man to a right relationship with God.

But … who would the Messiah be? The prophet Isaiah is very helpful here (Is 9:6-7). The purpose of Messiah would be to reverse the curse that sin and rebellion caused … that is, to deal with sin and guilt and the effects of sin! His task would be to make peace between God and man and man and God; to restore order to our planet and deal with the curse upon the land. This is what Jesus came to do … but He did it through paying a huge price–crucifixion. You’ll recall He shouted out from the Cross:

Jn 19:30 “It is finished.”

Through this substitutionary and sacrificial death, Jesus reversed the curse … he dealt with sin … and tells us of the new heavens and earth waiting to appear at His Second coming. What Adam lost Jesus regained (Rev 5:9-10). Now, the blood-washed saints reign under the Lord Jesus. Just like Adam was to reign under God, yet he failed … the saints reign under Jesus and succeed (Rev 11:15-17). So … “Heir-ship” means “Lordship”. The Father never dies so the Son is not heir as in “death, will, inheritance”. Jesus is heir in the sense of Lordship. Adam was to be lord … under God. He failed. Jesus is Lord and succeeded!

Heb 1:2 whom he appointed heir of all things.

The original word for “all things” is “ages”.

It implies everything that exists throughout all of the ages … from eternity past to eternity to come. So when we say Jesus is Lord … we mean that we believe Jesus is Lord over everything that exits everywhere! This sounds wonderful. Our Lord Jesus is supremely Lord of all. Is He? It’s awesome to know that the One who is Saviour of the soul is Lord of all … note that … He is not Lord of all Egypt as Joseph was. He is not Lord of all the earth as God the Father was referred to in the Old Covenant. He is Lord of all … a phrase only used twice in the New Covenant … and used only of the Lord Jesus! (Acts 10:36 and Rom 10:12)

But is He Lord of all? You might think I am picking at straws … but if Jesus is not Lord of your heart and soul He is not Lord of all … to you and for you. His Lordship must include action on your side. You see, for Jesus to be Lord of all to you He needs to be Lord of your heart and when He is Lord of your heart He will be Lord of your soul too. He cannot be Lord until He is Saviour! Both these areas of you imply that as Lord, He has reign over all of you … the whole person! Jesus, using the God inspired Words from Deuteronomy, says:

Dt 6:5 Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

Repeating this in Mark:

Mk 12:30 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

For Jesus to be your Lord it means you love Him as God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Where this includes your spiritual dimension, your emotions, your intellect and your energy … it does not exclude your morals and ethics. It does not exclude your finances, your possessions, your spiritual gifts, your natural abilities and anything else you are, have or are able to do. The only way Jesus can be Lord like this is when you surrender to Him in Salvation first. Once born again you are able to live under His Lordship and Reign … then Jesus is Lord of all … to you!

Dear Lord Jesus, where I have failed you by living under my own reign and lordship in many areas of life, please forgive me. Help me from today to live passionately and singularly under Your Reign as my only Lord. I do want to honour You for saving my soul. I do want to live under Your control. Lead me, Saviour, lead–for I am weak and frail and fail so often. Today I surrender all to Your Lordship. To You be glory as I pray in Your majestic and wonderful name. Amen.

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